Over one million vinyl bags are used every second in the USA. It follows that every individual consumes 22 million bags over the duration of their life. Although recycling has exploded within the last several decades, just 13 percent of plastic bags are recycled. That is because it costs nearly $4,000 to process and recycle 1 ton of plastic totes which may only be sold to the commodity market for $32. Biotuff provide you best earth-friendly compostable bags.

Compostable Plastic Bags Are the Future

The remainder of the plastic bags winds up in our lakes, streams, and landfills. Normally, 10 percent of all plastic produced from the US ends up in the sea. This has a remarkable impact on wildlife. One million birds die annually as a result of plastic bags end up in our normal surroundings. Polluted lakes and streams result from the passing of indigenous fish and other freshwater wildlife.

Environmental groups around the world have been making folks conscious of those issues for several decades. But many nations, states, and local municipalities are only now starting to govern, or sometimes, prohibit the use of plastic bags. Eight nations around the globe have enacted complete bans. Here in the united states, 25 countries have either passed or considered laws which either prohibits or places the significant restriction on their usage. It has caused organizations and businesses to search for workable options.

The most popular choice was compostable or "bioplastics" These substances are made from elements which are derived from recycled raw materials. Bioplastics aren't plastics made of petrochemicals with sterile additives. They're created from plant-based polymers such as wood lignin. This usually means that they break down rapidly when exposed to the natural elements.