I believe that there are numerous problems, I think its partially bad photographers, partially fantastic photographers not managing expectations nicely, and partially couples that aren't, and don't have any reason to be, experts in understanding this business.


The next, and in many ways most important, the choice you want to make is about the standard of photographer you desire. I am not talking about design (documentary, photojournalism etc), or price, I am speaking about the grade of this photographer. How many fantastic wedding photographers in Bristol do they choose across the entire moment?

A Wedding Photographer's Guide to Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Here's an effort to capture the Assortment of possible photographers for your wedding:

  • Uncle Tom. He is always loved shooting 'snaps'
  • Jane's Cousin Pete. He is a keen amateur who have researched photography after
  • A "professional wedding photographer", located on the internet
  • A "professional wedding photographer", located on the internet


The very first point to understand is that photographers, even professionals with years of expertise, aren't superhuman, they won't acquire award-winning, magazine quality pictures of each and every element of the daily life from 8 am until midnight. It simply does not occur. If you're expecting magnificent graphics from sunrise to sunrise, then you'll be let down.


Affordably is obviously affordable. Repeat after me cheap is obviously affordable. Should you decide on a photographer since they're cheap you can anticipate the level of your pictures to plummet. This may be all you can afford/budget for but do not expect miracles and do not expect to be anything but frustrated (especially in the event that you aspire to share the pictures with your children and grandkids a while).


Simply take these things as a beginning point. There's the best way to find the ideal photographer for your wedding and I hope that this helps somehow.