In general, they are a plant, which is represented under the category of the cannabaceae family. In simplest words, they are the flowering plants. The Cannabis Culture was introduced in the early 70’s. There are numerous ways in which cannabis is used. The highly recommended purpose of using it is in the form of medications. The best part is that is a natural herb; there is no side effect of it at all. Studying the benefits related to it, various famous personalities have started promoting it. It has led to the result that there is various cannabis printed tee in the market.

Is there side-effect related to the cannabis?

As stated above it is a natural herb which is furthermore used in various medication and therapy as per its bright side. The consumption of this substance will not be serving any side effect until it is not abused. There are various studies which have been conducted in this substance and clearly stated that using this substance has both sides i.e. beneficial and harmful. Either a person is getting benefits or harms is partially dependent upon the way, that how the consumer is taking it. Using it legally will be serving tons of health benefits, on another hand, the abuse can shorten the lifetime of the person.

At last

It is my duty to acknowledge the readers that in case you want to use this substance on medications purpose than it completely fine and appreciable. In case you are planning to roll it and abuse, nothing could be worse than that.