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Simple Steps to Go For Gold with Your Business Card

I've been extensively studying and looking at business cards, why people use them, what people use them for and whether they are a cost effective business tool or a costly, although apparently economical investment and have realized that in just about all cases they're really an expensive, although apparently economical investment and within days of leaving your hands they're currently in the recycle bin being turned into somebody else's business card rather than being used to help your potential customers and clients the way they were supposed to do when they were initially created!

Now you may be wondering why I say this and you may be thinking:

But everybody has a business card, it is really important to have them obviously it's an economical investment How else do I give people my contact details? Carol, what are you referring to?

I totally agree that everyone should have a business card and that it should be among the cheapest and most cost-effective investments you can make to help you and your company but ask yourself – is the present business card that or is it merely a piece of card with your:


Contact details

Job name