Reflexology impacts the body in a number of ways. Rather than forcing the body to respond in a certain way, reflexology helps the body do what it needs to. You can think of it as the nudge your body needs to correct itself.

The most common complaint reflexology recievers have is pain present in some area of the body. Foot, leg, hip, and back pain are common complaints of those seeking reflexology. In these cases, by applying pressure to the appropriate reflexes on the foot, the body's natural pain management processes are stimulated, often bringing relief within the session. Other times for more serious cases, the body needs more stimulation to self-correct, so it may take up to 10 sessions before a reduction in pain is felt.

Another benefit of reflexology is that it supports the body's ability to restore balance. If any organ or part of the body is out of balance, it will show up on the feet as a tender reflex. By applying pressure to a tender reflex, the out of balance area or organ is stimulated, helping to bring it back into balance. When something is out of balance in the body a number of health problems can manifest. Headaches, dizzyness, fatigue, poor digestion, and constipation are just a few examples of what happens when the body is thrown out of balance. How many sessions that are needed to restore balance can depend on how long the body has been out of balance. It can take longer for the body to correct an issue that has been present for a long time.

Stress overwhelms modern day society. In a world where everything is increasingly becoming bigger and faster with more output being expected in work, it is no wonder why so many are overwhelmed with stress. Stress is at the root of many health problems, and many times people don't realize how strong of an impact it has on their well-being. Reflexology offers a wonderful way to reduce stress. While it can be uncomfortable, many people describe it as feeling like a "good pain," much like a deep tissue massage. It may be uncomfortable, but it is not uncommon for recievers to fall asleep during a session and leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

As you can see, reflexology is very important for supporting well-being. Getting just one appointment a month can be a great investment towards your health. For reflexology in Tucson, Arizona, visit this website.