Most people have become conscious about the kind of food they consume. This is because of an increase in heart diseases and high cholesterol. Now most consumers prefer to eat lean meat as it has lesser fat content. This is because it is not the meat itself that is harmful for your health but the fat. Below are a few ways you can ensure that you take a minimum amount of saturated fat with meat.

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  1. When you go for meat shopping you should read the labels thoroughly before purchasing a specific cut. This is because some cuts have more fat content than others.
  2. Select the type of meat cut that has the label “lean” or “extra lean” on it.  Lean meat means that it consists of lesser amount of fat content. Usually lean meat has less than 8.5 grams of fat in 3 ounces of meat.
  3. Select grass fed meat or that of pasture raised animals. This is because this type of meat has more amount of omega-3 fatty acids and almost 25% lesser content of saturated fats than meat of a regular cow that is fed on grains.
  4. Before cooking the meat, it is preferable to cut away the extra fat. To remove fat use a sharp knife. This way you can easily lessen your fat intake. 
  5. You can use paper towels to remove any fat residue from the burger patty or meatballs after cooking the meat.

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